About us

What comes to mind when you hear the term, Nerdgasm? Do you think of someone completely going nuts or light up in a ridiculous way when something reminds them of their favorite subject? It could be Star Wars, Harry Potter, or something as random as history. That's where we come in, we want to bring that excitement into your daily lives and let you rep your favorite franchises in a unique way. 

First starting February 2015, with Nerdgasm Trivia, located in Orlando Fl, we wanted to expand to open up the conversation even more. Thinking of how we could do so, we thought about apparel! Let's take major franchises and mash them up! Whether it be the Dark Lord in a Pokemon Style battle with the Chosen One or wearing a tank top that makes you want to get stronger than Darth Vader. 

Who's involved?: It started with Joseph Saenz, who moved to Orlando in 2012 to pursue his passion of entertaining and Voice Acting. He started working for a local bar named Player one where he worked security until his dream job came along. Realizing that the bar didn't have a set trivia night, he created one. Flash forward a year, it became more popular than ever and he reached out to his roommate, Attis Bijlani, for help on expanding. Attis gave him the idea of apparel and built the site you're on now! 




For more information about Nerdgasm's other branches, visit www.nerdgasmtrivia.com 

or check out our Facebook at www.facebook.com/nerdgasmtrivia and instagram at "YourNerdgasm"